Seasonal Surf Instruction is taught by Fred Trauerts in Manasquan, NJ during the warmer months.

Everyone has the urge to try surfing at least once, but our goal is to make it not just something you try, but blend it into your everyday lifestyle. Derfworldwide started teaching people to surf in 2006 to all ages and skill levels.

Our distinctive approach to teaching is what sets us apart from all other surf schools.

Understanding why you do things is just as important as how you do things. We add a mixture of important safety issues, etiquette, ocean knowledge, marine life, surf lingo, and the physics of why and how, to try to develop an understanding for the ocean, surfing, nature, and most importantly, yourself. Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, and with an understanding of this, we adjust teaching methods to accommodate everyone and get them learning from the very beginning.

Lesson Pricing

All lessons include board, leash, wax (wetsuits can be supplied for an extra $8 p/p)

Private 1 hour lesson - $65

Private 2 hour lesson - $110

2 person lesson (1 hour) - $90

3 person lesson (1 and a half hours) - $115

4 person lesson (2 hours, 2 instructors) - $150

5 person lesson (2 hours, 2 instructors) - $190

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Package Pricing

Package of 3, 1 hour lessons - $165 (save $30)

Package of 5, 1 hour lessons - $250 (save $75)

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