Can everyone take classes, even if I am not very fit or have not worked out in a long time?

Yes! The Board is adjustable for all levels, even for someone with less than ideal balance and a lower fitness level. The reason we created SURFSET® is to inspire people who have been disillusioned and bored by other workouts. So even if its been years since you've stuck with an exercise program, the RSX will engage your body & mind to elevate your fitness.

Can I participate in NJ Surf Fitness if I have never surfed or cannot swim?

Absolutely! The board is adjustable for all levels and is designed to mimic the movements of surfing while being out of the water in a controlled environment.

Does using the board feel like real surfing?

Yes! The Board was created to perfectly mimic the feeling & the physical demands of surfing. The unique side to side motion of the board feels just like floating atop the water on a surfboard, and allows you to train the same muscles as a surfer without the ocean.

How many classes until I start seeing results?

You will start seeing & feeling results after just 2 classes. The most pronounced results are firming of the triceps/upper arm & tightening of the core & sides. And you will see how quickly your balance & strength improve within the 1st week!

What should I wear to class?

Wear something comfortable, similar to what you would wear to a Yoga/Pilates/Aerobics class. We recommend tight fitting pants or shorts, so as to avoid tripping when popping up on the board. No shoes necessary, class will be done barefoot or in socks.  

Who can benefit from NJ Surf Fitness classes?

Anyone who wants to break out of their traditional workout routine and shake things up to start seeing some real results will love NJ Surf Fitness. The adjustability of the board and built in progression of the program makes NJ Surf Fitness an awesome class for the true beginner to the extreme athlete. 

Are classes suitable for children?

Yes! The Board is a fun & safe way for kids to get in shape and learn to surf at the same time. The workouts are low impact and only use resistance bands & bodyweight so as not to stunt growth or lead to injury. We have even developed special workouts for children.

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